More about staying at the Old Mill House

Safety features:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire extinguisher located under the kitchen sink
  • Fire blanket under the kitchen sink
  • Security sensor lights
  • First aid kit

Please remember to sign our Visitors Book.  


House Rules:

  1. No pets inside the house.
  2. Strictly no smoking inside the house.
  3. No parties.
  4. Please be security conscious.  Always ensure you shut all windows and lock the doors before departing for the day.
  5. Please treat our house with respect.


Check in time: 2.00 pm onwards

Check out time: 10 am, or later by arrangement

Nightly rate: $125.00 per night

Extra guests: $18.00 per night per extra guest

Payment: Bank transfer, cash


For availability or any other enquires you can contact us via:
Bay of Plenty
Phone +64-7-366 3447 or use the form below:

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